Vehicles driving on common ground under the power lines

Your Summit Lakes Board is in communication with the City of Westfield on numerous matters, but most recently about vehicles crossing over sidewalks. Please note the following from the City:

Per Gary Smith: the City owns the City streets, curbs, and the green space between the curbs and the City sidewalk. If any person crosses over the curb, green space and the sidewalk, they are encroaching on City property. A person can cross over the City curb, green space and City sidewalk, with a vehicle, if they get a one day encroachment permit from the City and pay a $25 fee. If the City observes someone encroaching common areas and they do not have a permit to do so they will be fined $500. The City ordinance is 03-04 of which a copy of the ordinance is attached.

This information was ascertained for Vendors as well as Owners who may need vehicle access to common area where approved.

Lawn Aeration Fall 2019

Several companies that perform this service have been contacted. The 3 that I felt were most reasonably priced are Attached.  Posted by Wayne Vance, if you have questions please contact me at

2019 Fall Aeration Quotes

August board meeting minutes posted

They’re on the Documents and Forms page.

More meeting notes added

Additional meeting minutes have been posted on the Documents and Forms page.

Board meeting notes and financials posted

The May board meeting minutes and June financials have been posted on the Documents and Forms page.

Board meetings added

The rest of the year’s board meetings have been added to the “Events” section of the site.

May Board Meeting

The May HOA Board Meeting will be held on Monday, May 6th at 6:00pm. We will hold the meeting at the Westfield Public Library. This is open to all residents to attend.

Neighborhood Garage Sale May 3rd and 4th

There has been conversation on NextDoor for our Neighborhood Garage sale dates this year. It looks like the majority of people would like to do it from 08:00AM to 01:00PM on Friday and Saturday, May 3rd & 4th so we will do it then. We will attempt to get the garage sale signs out next week to help advertise it.

HOA Monthly Board Meeting


Every month the Summit Lakes HOA board meets to conduct business.  We do not vote to change CCR’s at these meetings.  While typically residents do not attend you are welcome to.  We will be meeting Wednesday, February 20th, at First Merchants Bank at 3333 IN-32 – in the Kroger “parking lot”- at 6:00 pm.  Seating is limited.  When we’ve finished conducting our business we will open the floor to questions briefly and then adjourn.  Notes from the meeting will be posted.

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Board Meeting Minutes from 1/16/19

Summit Lakes Homeowners Association
Board of Directors – Minutes
Wednesday January 16, 2019
6:00 p.m. 4211 Matterhorn

• Call to order: 6:11pm

• Board members in attendance: Kelly Radabaugh, Angela Anderson, Matt Drummond, John McDowell, Debra Kaferly

• Property Management representative: Nalini Mowery

• Owner in attendance: John Hempel, Ray Schneider, Joseph Milfort, Scott Rea, Peter Burke and one other whom I don’t have name

• Approval of September minutes: Motion: KR. Second: JM. All approved

• Financial Review: November and draft December 2018 – NM went over financials – no questions. December final packet will be emailed 1.20.19

Violations: (discuss attorney response to questions posed by the Board and plan to move forward – opinion in, packet. Vote on how to move forward on parking and commercial vehicle issues)
This matter was discussed with Owners in attendance participating in the discussion. Bottom line the current Board of Directors is governing per the CCRs and will take all feedback into consideration for the parking on the street and the commercial vehicle matters. Types of feedback in hand: City of Westfield, Westfield Police Dept, Owners, Attorney response to questions.

• Old Business:

• Entrance bushes: Deb gave suggestions for the area like black eyed susan or day lilies. NM notified Matt with EG

• Annual Meeting: Wednesday April 24th, 2019 at City Hall.
Proxy Form will be mailed with the annual notice packet
Ballot for community feedback regarding commercial vehicles/parking on street – this is to be discussed by the Board in ongoing discussion and meetings.

• Arc Guidelines: NM sent both documents to BOD. – tabled

• Long term community planning: KR asked the Board to think about a community garden.

• 2019 budget was approved via email.

• Pond rock issue: EG to provide a bid

• New Business:

• CCRs re seating of a Board
Question raised by Owners on the nextdoor app – Is current Board valid: quorum is 30% – 42 or 15% – 21. People plus proxies for last few years: 2015 – 30 (year we did shed vote), 2016 – 16, 2017 – 14 and 2018 – 13
What process to follow in April – usual process of sending out self-nomination forms and hope that people will respond this year. Also, will see if Nominating Committee per CCRs would be effective this year.

• 2 fountains for 2019: Per Ponds Rx – will be ordered beginning of March – with mid-March installation.

• Front Entrance Decoration for Holiday Season: owner that decorated last year did not do it – possible they moved out of community. Board to discuss this for next year.

• Snow: Discussed salting or snow removal with EG. Board voted to salt intersections and entrance for Saturday’s upcoming storm. NM to notify Matt with EG.

• Next Meeting: 3rd Wed of each month. Board will decide if we need to meet.

• Adjourn: 7:56pm