News from Ponds Rx

Just a quick note on our expectations over the coming few weeks. With the rainfall almost constant over the past 45 days, and warm, sunny skies expected for the next few weeks, we expect changes in the amount of algae growth in the near future. The landscape crews have been out heavily fertilizing which makes our jobs that much harder. Please be patient as we get the water balanced out, once again.

Quick tips:

  • Use phosphorous-free fertilizer.
  • Keep fertilizer a minimum of 10′ from the pond’s edge.
  • Keep grass clippings out of the water.
  • Pick up waste from pets.
  • Get rid of geese.

Enjoy your water!

As always, we are very thankful that you have chosen Ponds Rx as your pond care company.

Let us know if you need anything.

See you on the water.

Mark, Ethan, Jason, and Grant.