Vehicles driving on common ground under the power lines

Your Summit Lakes Board is in communication with the City of Westfield on numerous matters, but most recently about vehicles crossing over sidewalks. Please note the following from the City:

Per Gary Smith: the City owns the City streets, curbs, and the green space between the curbs and the City sidewalk. If any person crosses over the curb, green space and the sidewalk, they are encroaching on City property. A person can cross over the City curb, green space and City sidewalk, with a vehicle, if they get a one day encroachment permit from the City and pay a $25 fee. If the City observes someone encroaching common areas and they do not have a permit to do so they will be fined $500. The City ordinance is 03-04 of which a copy of the ordinance is attached.

This information was ascertained for Vendors as well as Owners who may need vehicle access to common area where approved.